Time To Slow Down When It Comes To Eating

Time To Slow Down When It Comes To Eating

by Tanya Mark

If you’re challenged by digestive issues such as feeling bloated and weight that won’t budge no matter how many leafy greens you eat and squats you do, try slowing down.

Notice today if how you do life is how you do food.

  • Do you rush through meals?
  • Do you put household and work tasks before self-nourishment?

I know, I know. I hear you. There’s never enough time.

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Even if you truly only have 5 minutes to eat a meal, take that time to take a few breaths, relax, chew your food thoroughly and give your body the ability to digest your food.

It sounds so simple but it can produce powerful results. Our digestive systems were not designed to digest at speed and under stress.

Fast eating = stressed eating.

Under stress, the body shunts blood away from digestion and into our limbs so that we can escape the “threat” whether it’s real or perceived (aka your thoughts). And when this happens, the body protects by holding onto calories and fat, won’t build muscle and digestion diminishes.

The picture above was posted by the local kids on a quiet street headed to a beautiful hiking trail to remind us to slow down.

tanya mark

Tanya Mark, “Health Energist,” brings her enthusiasm and love for life into her work as a Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology Lifestyle Coach. She doesn’t believe in quick fixes, diets, meal plans or defining you by a number on a scale. If you eat well and exercise (or try but can’t make it a sustainable part of your life), and still struggle with food, weight, body image, fatigue or any other symptom your body is communicating, there is another way, and it doesn’t involve punishing strategies. What’s her secret? She explores who you are as an eater, the person doing the eating, so you can tap into 100% of your calorie burning potential and lose the “weight” – for good.


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