The Teton Reiki Circle Empowers Locals to Assist Others and Themselves

It happens every week doesn’t it? We all touch base with the need for healing. We often receive news about friends or acquaintances in our community who need support. Just as often, we learn of family, friends, friends of friends, and populations who need assistance and yet who are beyond our immediate reach. And we feel isolated here in Jackson, unable to respond with direct assistance; we are far away from those needing care, and travel is sometimes cost prohibitive. Sometimes we feel our own need for healing isn’t priority, yet our health and balance are important if we are to assist others and also fully contribute with our given gifts.

Every second Thursday of the month, at 5:30 p.m., a warm group of locals, and sometimes visitors, meets for about an hour to give and receive healing energy. Empowered through distance healing to affect those beyond its reach, the Teton Reiki Circle sends energy to others and the planet. We then provide an energy session to each person attending that evening, in support of an intention for healing in his or her life. Yes, both men and women attend. We begin each circle with a theme and focus for healing; however these bend toward recent happenings in our community, world and personal lives when we meet. Refreshments are provided as some enjoy lingering and visiting at the circle’s conclusion.

Our next circle meets on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 430 S. Jackson St., with a focus on Giving to Others and Compassion. Afterward, we will share food and drink; bring something to share if you would like, in celebration of the year’s end and the holiday season. We will also send our collective healing energy to the Philippines typhoon survivors. You can follow the Teton Reiki Circle’s schedule on my website:

No experience is required to attend the circle, just the desire to participate and contribute. Many in attendance are energy and Reiki practitioners, and receiving a session from a group of them is uplifting, supportive and even transformative. The evening transpires like this: The Teton Reiki Circle literally gathers seated in a circle to focus healing energy for those beyond its reach. We first center ourselves with a short meditation to set aside the day’s concerns and pulls. Having taken some deep breaths, we mention those or situations in need of healing, or keep them unspoken, and direct energy with our hands toward the center of the circle for a few minutes. In symbolic release, we raise the collection of energy with our hands above our heads and send it to those intended to receive. Distance healing works because energy connects all beings through space and time. I have worked with family, friends and clients who live across the country, and they have reported its efficacy and assistance in concrete terms.

Following the distance healing session, we move aside the chairs and replace them with a massage table. Each person takes a turn reclining on the table while everyone else encircles them and provides Reiki (Rei: “universal” or “source”; ki: “life force energy”). While practitioners gain skill to assist others the more they use energy work, the person receiving utilizes the energy without effort for their own highest good.

Reiki is accessible for everyone to give and receive. Because energy flows through and connects us all, and is limitless and pure, energy practitioners just focus what is already present: the energy does not come from them. It cannot harm and only supports one’s healing processes on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—according to what the receiver needs most.

Initially, Reiki feels like comforting radiating heat and slight pressure next to one’s body. When received within, it feels like an increase in flow or circulation. Those receiving often express a peaceful calm within, become completely relaxed, and feel joyful no matter what may be happening in their lives. They feel reconnected to life, more centered. Often a smile grows across their face, and their countenance appears clear and free of stress. Areas that hurt often release the pain. There is a feeling of wholeness as every part of the physical body feels more connected, vibrant and energized and the deeper self feels supported, full and content. Most express a feeling of overall well-being.

The Reiki tradition of energy practice comes to us through a Japanese man in the last century. It has spread widely and there are millions of practitioners in the world today. However, energy practice has most likely always been available to humans in all cultures; many of us just lost knowledge or awareness of its presence. Although tools and philosophies may be somewhat different, I believe all types of energy work are similar at their root and in, well, the energy. No one culture or school can claim ownership of what is universal.

Our group tends to be spiritually minded and is a blend of people with differing belief systems and backgrounds; as energy exists for everyone and is universal, we do not discuss individual religious beliefs. In this setting, we simply focus on serving one another and the larger community through healing energy. Reiki is not a form of worship or a religion. As a Reiki practitioner and bodyworker of over nine years, I have extensively utilized energy practice in assisting others with healing; sometimes it the most important element encouraging positive change in physical and mental/emotional conditions.

Energy exists as our bodies depend on it and function best in its open flow; it is abundant in our natural world. In the Teton Reiki Circle, we don’t focus on how it works; we facilitate it because we know from experience that it does work, can only assist, and does not interfere with receivers’ other choices for treatment. If there are personal reflections mentioned following receiving, we assume them to be confidential and don’t share these thoughts with others outside the circle.

If you are interesting in studying and learning skills within energy practice, I teach Reiki one-on-one and also conduct classes for special groups. I will teach an introduction to energy practice course at Spirit Bookstore in Wilson in the early part of 2014.

Reiki is already available within every person; a Reiki master can assist others to access it more strongly and provide them with skills and tools. You may find out more information about Reiki and Reiki training at my website, You may want to read what others have written about Reiki at; the website for International Association of Reiki Professionals may also be helpful: Finally, I encourage you to experience Reiki at the circle every second Thursday.

© 2013 Laura Garrard

Laura Garrard is a writer, artist, nationally certified massage and lymphatic therapist, and Reiki master teacher. She has taught Reiki and has facilitated the Teton Reiki Circle for over four years. She owns Attuned Healing Massage & Bodywork. You may reach her by phone (307-690-5308) or by email (

Laura Garrard is a writer, artist, nationally certified massage and lymphatic therapist, and Reiki master teacher. She has taught Reiki and has facilitated the Teton Reiki Circle for over four years. She owns Attuned Healing Massage & Bodywork. You may reach her by phone (307-690-5308) or by email (

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