Obstacles to Inspire in the UltimateTowner

Obstacles to Inspire in the UltimateTowner

The Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course features obstacles to inspire overcoming every type of challenge, here are just a few:ultimate elevation

ULTIMATE ELEVATION: Each starting wave of participants will prepare to overcome their obstacles at the Ultimate Elevation Warm Up. Participants will experience the motivational course briefing and calisthenics routine set to inspirational music before beginning the course.

ultimate townerBELIEVE AND ACHIEVEYou’ve got to believe in yourself to overcome obstacles. Here’s your chance to prove it!

TUNNEL TOWNIt can be scary in the dark when you’re overcoming obstacles. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel as you crawl through these tunnels made just for you!

OVER UNDER THROUGHGet Over, Under and Through this series of walls as you adapt to any changes coming your way!love life wall

ATLAS ROCK-PUTSometimes it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders when you’re up against a difficult problem. Pretend you’re ATLAS and test your agility and strength in this awesome rock put challenge! Another “I can’t believe this is that difficult” challenge.


LOVE LIFE WALLCongratulations! You’ve made it to your the biggest wall of the course. Remember these words to live by as you overcome your obstacles… Love Life!

*photos by: Tim Walther



ultimate towner
The 2016 Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course will be held Sunday, May 15th. Registration for the race is open and you can register here. For more information visit their Facebook.

This is an article republished from our Winter 2015-16 Magazine. Pick up your own copy at Spirit Books in Wilson or find it at several locations in and around Jackson. You can also view the magazine here online.