Metamorphosis: The Dragon Lady’s Next Chapter

Metamorphosis: The Dragon Lady’s Next Chapter

by Dee Elle Bupp

Hello Connectors!

For many years, you have known me as The Dragon Lady. I have recently shed my dragon cloak and am stepping out in a new direction. My path has been shifting for some time now and I am thrilled to be able to give it my fullest of attention.

My work is not ending, it is changing forms. My relationship with the plant world is shifting. My relationship to myself is deepening. My relationship to my community is evolving.

From the very beginning of Dragon Lady Teas, I have wanted to connect you with the plants. For 10+ years, I used teas & elixirs as the bridge. Now, I set you free to experience and love the plant world directly.

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They are full of wisdom and support and have MUCH to say if you can slow yourself down enough to listen deeply. Ask questions. Listen & hear the answers. ALWAYS come with respect. Ask permission. Say thank you. They respond to us as any person or animal would. Their language is just softer.


What now, you ask?

I follow my guidance. I follow my heart. Sure, it’s scary sometimes, but I am doing it anyways.

At this point, this is how I feel I can best serve myself and my community: teaching. coaching/mentoring & guided meditations.

A Few Things I Have Learned Along The Ride

Our relationship to ourself is the most important one we have. Our life mirrors it every moment. The most effective and efficient way to change your outer life is to work on your inner. My work now emphasizes this relationship, how to build and grow it & tools to bring your ‘practice’ everywhere you go. A spiritual practice of connecting to you does not seek a carved out corner of your day, it seeks you everywhere you go and within everything you do.

We must take action to see results. A huge part of the creation & manifestation process is ACTION. Many freeze in the thought world, unable to move forward in change. I focus on supporting the understanding of what you truly seek so you can take inspired action in the direction of your dreams. ‘What you seek is also seeking you,’ but you have to meet it.

The most effective and efficient way to change your outer life is to work on your inner.

We need tools. Many feel a fulfilling life requires more ‘time to do our practice’. This is another belief falsehood. We are creators AND time benders. Most of us are bullied by time. It controls us. Each second of our day is already spoken for.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! Let’s work on creating a new relationship with time. Imagine learning tools to create time?? It is, perhaps, our most valuable resource.

This is what is stirring in my new pot of goodness. I am thrilled to share, connect & create WITH you.

Three Levels Of Teaching I Am Offering


1. Club Freedom. This is moon-ly club with weekly meditations for grounding & connecting so we can slow down and listen. Useful and easy tools to blend your practice IN to your daily life. Read more & sign up!

2. Awakening the Goddess Class (for women). This is a 5 week seasonal intensive for locating, exploring & awakening the light within. Awaken YOUR Goddess

3. One-On-One Transformational Mentoring (for women). A customized, personalized upgrade experience for women who are serious about forward movement and are willing to step out of their zone de comfort! Email me to connect

I also have a blog—the Daily Nugget—that is update/channeled/downloaded twice per week.

Thank you for your love & support all of these years! What a ride! I invite you to join me in my next adventure. I look forward to connecting & creating together.