A Doorway to Infinite Possibility

A Doorway to Infinite Possibility

by SoLaMeé Heneage

Like waves crashing on the shore, we are surrounded by a constant stream of energy, pulsing and rippling outward.

Most do not see or feel the dynamic interplay of energetic expression. As a healing practitioner, I sense this field of energy all the time and have learned I am interfacing with living fields or patterns that are in a constant state of communication. Our bodies are constantly communicating with these patterns in our environment. What I have discovered is that the universe wants our union and our joy to be complete. There is a universal consciousness that is hearing our cells, our minds, and our very Being. It wants us to remember how to hear it as well.


The universe would like us to connect and engage co-creatively. When a spiritual awakening begins, the universe sees it as an old, lost friend. It wants to play. But first, it needs to grab our attention. In order to become an active listener, you must begin to notice what are saying each moment on an energetic level. Often it is much more negative than you might believe. Turn each thought around and embrace the possibility that there is a solution to each challenge.

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More and more people are finding themselves in a waking dream that has more in common with a bad movie script than what we used to call reality. The plot is full of heart-wrenching losses, disappointments, personal disasters and wide scale natural disasters. Death is happening to loved ones that seemed so vibrant last time we checked. We can be sucked into the dramas of political upheaval or the many health scares being broadcast. Even if you don’t watch the news on TV, radio, or the Internet, almost anyone can feel the ebb and flow of energetic tension in the air. The vibe some days is unmistakable.


For others, many might call “the lucky ones,” the daily plot unfolds with surprising lightness and rebound from seeming calamity. Uncanny synchronicities occur in daily interactions with friends and strangers alike. Even mystical miracles are happening in real life situations. It is stunning to see how everything becomes clear. There is a very real shift in experience when you realize you are loved and help does come.

SoLaMeé (Patricia) Heneage has 30 years of experience in advanced meditation, transformation & healing. The author of The Spiral to NOW: It’s a Journey of Awakening copyright 2015. Her clients include all ages with a spectrum of issues that seek her energetic healing work. Along with many years of experience, she is a Level 4 Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner. Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor – Certification Classes offered upon request. Office & phone sessions by appointment, Credit Cards accepted.  Member of the Idaho Better Business Bureau.


This article is republished from the second issue of Teton Spirt Connection Magazine. You can view the magazine here online. Be on the look out for a new issue of Teton Spirit Connection coming soon! 


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