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Week of the Last Quarter Moon

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Weeks of Last Quarter Moon ~ May 18– 24 Last Quarter Moon “Sunflowers” watercolor by Sue Ewald Cedarholm Global shocks and shifts indeed occurred with the recent completion of the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, and will continue with this week’s powerful Full Moon taking place in justice-seeking Libra and warrior Aries. In addition, Juno, […]

The Venus Retrograde Cycle Begins and a Vibrational Shift Requires Us to Move onto the New

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of First Quarter Moon March 5 – 11 First Quarter Moon “Green Tara ~ Venus in reflective retrograde” photograph by Lyn Dalebout With the arrival of March, are you experiencing a hyper-acceleration of your life plan, with things unfolding faster than you thought were ready for? For me, each […]

New SolLunar Cycle in Scorpio

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of New SolLunar Cycle November 29-December 6 New SolLunar Cycle in Scorpio “Crimson leaves” photo by Lyn Dalebout I am posting late due to my travel plans last week. I am thankfully back in the land of red, both the red rock and this still vibrant fresh autumn foliage. […]