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Is it Luck or Attention?

There is a Buddhist story about how to look at life.  A farmer’s horse runs away and all of his neighbors say, “What bad luck.”  The farmer replies, “Maybe.”  A day later the horse returns with another horse.  All his neighbors say, “What good luck.”  Again the farmer replies, ”Maybe.” The story continues with situation […]

What Does Waking Up Spiritually Mean?

Just as human beings have the innate drive to explore every corner of the physical earth, the physical solar system and the greater cosmos, we are also hard-wired to expand our consciousness and evolve our potential beyond the usual ways we think of ourselves. Both the scientific evidence and the realization that we are all […]

What Is Spirit?

There’s school spirit, spiritual faith, even spirits at the liquor store. Teton Spirit Connection readers call it energy, connection, trust, freedom and inspiration. Read more the article from our Summer 2015 edition of Teton Spirit Magazine and tell us: What does spirit mean to you? The origin of the word spirit comes from the latin word […]