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The Venus Retrograde Cycle Begins and a Vibrational Shift Requires Us to Move onto the New

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of First Quarter Moon March 5 – 11 First Quarter Moon “Green Tara ~ Venus in reflective retrograde” photograph by Lyn Dalebout With the arrival of March, are you experiencing a hyper-acceleration of your life plan, with things unfolding faster than you thought were ready for? For me, each […]

Red Alert This Week, Be Aware Of Your Willpower!

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of Full Moon October 15-21 Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces “Full Moon ~ Full Sun”  Red alert this week! Not only are we transiting a Full Moon portal, which always brings heightened awareness or conflicts to a head, but we are also navigating one of the fiercest and potentially combative […]

Star Signposts: One Of The Most Important Astrological Events Of 2016 Takes Place On June 29!

  Week of Last Quarter Moon June 27- July 3 “Snowy Spirit Grizzly Cub” photograph by Doug Monson The grief is palpable here in Grand Teton National Park with the tragic hit and run death of our Snowy Spirit cub, now a holy spirit guiding us. This golden-faced Grizzly was the solo cub of 399, often […]

Star Signposts: Week of First Quarter Moon June 12-19

First Quarter Moon “The Chase” photograph by Ron Hummel Thank you, Cathy and Ron Hummel, for sharing this photograph of this rare moment you witnessed. One of our most beloved Grand Teton female grizzlies, 399 (who is 20 years old) was chasing another favorite grizzly, named Blondie, (less than half 399’s age), sorting out whose territory is […]