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Time To Slow Down When It Comes To Eating

by Tanya Mark If you’re challenged by digestive issues such as feeling bloated and weight that won’t budge no matter how many leafy greens you eat and squats you do, try slowing down. Notice today if how you do life is how you do food. Do you rush through meals? Do you put household and […]

Do You Ever Get So Freaked Out By Making The Wrong Choice?

by Carolyn Caputo Have you ever been so frustrated…confused…indecisive when trying to come up with the “right” answer for something that you just wanted to pull your hair out or hide in a hole until someone told you exactly what to do? Yes? Please do not say no and make me think I am the […]

Nuggets from the Cosmic Café: Finding Purpose

by Carol Mann * This article was previously published in “Planet Jackson Hole” Finding Purpose Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that… Because what the world really needs is people who have come alive.”–  philosopher and civil rights leader Howard W Thurman As the world is rapidly […]