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Who You Are As An Eater Matters!

by Tanya Mark Do you eat well, exercise—or try to—and still struggle with food, weight and body image? Do you have trouble with overeating, emotional eating, fatigue, mood, digestive concerns, maintaining or losing weight, or with other eating challenges? If so, you are likely missing out on a critical piece of nutrition. When you limit your […]

Feeling Like Foraging? Here are 6 Plants You Should Be Looking For!

BY JULIE FUSTANIO KLING PLANTS OF ROCKY MOUNTAINS WITH HEALING & SUPPORTIVE PROPERTIES There are many healing and supportive properties of native Rocky Mountain plants, harvested to make American Wilderness Botanical hydrosols and essential oils. Though this plant selection has much more extensive uses and healing properties, here is a basic list: The following six plants have […]

To Feel WILD – Drink WILD Smoothies!

Text and Photos by Radka Houzvickova Summer is the Season for Wild Smoothies Yesterday morning after a yoga class, one of my classmates asked what was in the green concoction I was sipping. The answer: spinach and lettuces from my garden, apple, cucumber, lemon, chia seeds and wild weeds. “Wild weeds? Like what?” my friend asked. […]