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Time To Slow Down When It Comes To Eating

by Tanya Mark If you’re challenged by digestive issues such as feeling bloated and weight that won’t budge no matter how many leafy greens you eat and squats you do, try slowing down. Notice today if how you do life is how you do food. Do you rush through meals? Do you put household and […]

A Fresh and Innovative Strategy for Weight Loss (Video)

by Tanya Mark Expert Tanya Mark, Mind Body Nutrition + Dynamic Eating Psychologist, has a new strategy to shed unwanted pounds as the days start to get nicer and people want to see a leaner self. Of course food is a major factor when it comes to weight management, but Tanya takes a deeper look […]

5 Things to do Before Giving Up Sugar

by Dr. Mariza Snyder, from Mind Body Green We live in a culture where sugar is virtually unavoidable and oftentimes indistinguishable, carrying cryptic names like anhydrous dextrose, crystalline fructose, and evaporated cane juice. Sugar itself is a refined carbohydrate and source of calories that our bodies use as energy or store as fat. By the way, […]