7 Health Benefits of Cardamom

by Heidi Heckler, Happy Well Lifestyle The health benefits of cardamom are numerous and have been around for centuries from ancient India to Greece and Egypt. With its delicious aromatic flavor it’s often used in pumpkin pies and other holiday foods. Long used in Indian foods and Ayurvedic wellness, it has recently become one of […]

Week of the Full Moon

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Weeks of Full Moon/Last Quarter Moon July 8 – 15 Full Moon in sidereal Gemini/Sagittarius “Piercing Gaze” detail of painting by Natalie Connell With this week’s Full Moon, which stridently coincides with the annual Sun/Pluto opposition, we are launched into a very fiery period that will take us through the end of summer […]

The Summer of Fire

by Erin Borbet, MS The Fire Element in Chinese Medicine has always eluded me. The obvious aspects – like warmth and energy – made sense, but there was a deeper meaning that I just couldn’t seem to connect with…ironic since a big part of the fire element is about internal/external connection. Over the past ten […]