An Ayurvedic Veggie Bake For Spring!

An Ayurvedic Veggie Bake For Spring!

by Vanessa Sulzer

Spring time is here and that means it is wet outside. I have definitely had fun splashing in a puddle or two!

The wet weather outside actually mirrors what is happening in our bodies, meaning we also have the tendency toward being internally soggy during the spring months.

A little wet is good, but when it gets out of balance it can lead to excess mucus, allergies, coughing, and colds.

Along with wetness, there can be heaviness. You could think of it like a wet towel, the more drenched the towel, the heavier it is.  And when your heavy inner disposition gets out of balance there can be a tendency toward fatigue, depression and weight gain.

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These qualities of wet and heavy are what Ayurveda calls Kaphic qualities, which come into play in the spring.The good news is that with food, we can balance out the Kapha so we can benefit from the lustrousness in our skin and even the calming aspect that a little humidity can bring. It is good to eat more warm, drying and spicy foods when our insides tend toward lots of moisture.

One of my favorite things to make this time of year is veggie bakes with spices.  Most veggies are going to be good, but in spring it is best to avoid the juicier ones like sweet potatoes, tomatoes (yes, I know, tomatoes are actually fruit), and zucchini.

Here is a recipe for one of my favorite healthy and balancing spring time bakes:

  • olive oil
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower (according to Ayurveda, cauliflower is astringent so this is really good for spring)
  • 2 or more garlic bulbs
  • turmeric
  • curry
  • salt

Pre-heat the oven to 400

  1. In a large bowl put enough olive oil in to cover the broccoli (too much oil will create


  1. Add turmeric and curry to taste. I like spice, so I add enough so the taste in the oil is a little too strong. It will mellow out as it cooks.
  1. Put the veggies in a glass casserole pan
  1. Repeat step one and two with cauliflower
  1. Cut off the top of the garlic bulbs and pour a little olive oil over the garlic top, add to pan
  1. Sprinkle a little salt over the veggies
  1. Cover the pan with a lid or tinfoil
  1. Bake for 1/2 hour – 40 minutes, until broccoli florets get a slightly browned

If you want a grain to go with this dish, quinoa, barley or millet are good for this soggy time of year.

vanessaVanessa Sulzer is a health coach and yoga teacher in Jackson, Wyoming. To find out more go to and schedule a free consultation today.



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