How to Spread Love

How to Spread Love

What better therapy than getting outside of yourself by spreading love to another person by writing to them?

The gesture of love is spread through acknowledgement. People Spread Love starts with “notes of love” which could be anything from a card, note, poem, drawing or a simple token — the intention is to spread love. These types of small gestures could help improve the communities we live in. We believe this idea can help not only the recipient but the sender.

In just a matter of weeks, these notes of love have reached 13 states within the U.S. Handcrafted notes of love bundled along with a slip of paper that reads “Dear ______________, Someone has requested love be sent to you. They noticed you may need a little extra ________ right now.” Signed simply with “People Spread Love.”

Everything is run by volunteers; from organizing Meet & Make events, providing materials, handcrafting cards, packaging and finally sending them off to their love recipients. is currently accepting love requests, anywhere from a pet that’s passed away, a break-up, anxiety, depression, loss of a job — truly any reason at all. The truth is we are all struggling with our own personal things and sometimes a kind gesture is all it takes to feel connected again.

Immediately when People Spread Love was first introduced to the community, people jumped up to the idea of being a part of it. Humans innately want to help other humans, but sometimes we just need someone to help guide them on how.

We are mindful that not all people receive love in the same way. That’s why on the Love Request Form, there is an area that asks “what kind of love do they need.” Whether that be religious, non-religious or inspiring quotes it’s important to get it right. It’s also nice to know a little something about them, like what is their favorite color, sport, animal so we may incorporate those elements in their love bundle.

The response from these recipients have come in the form of Thank You cards, Facebook posts and emails. Each response filled with love and gratitude in return. These responses are not merely validation that this gesture of love is working but that its growing.

Aside from Jackson, WY, we currently have volunteers in Idaho Falls, ID and Driggs, ID, West Springfield, MA as well as Washington, D.C. that have stepped up wanting to help facilitate this model in their communities. Vanessa Miranda, a dear friend and an overall good-hearted person located in D.C. contacted us recently to participate and become a ‘Love Ambassador.’ The idea is that all communities nationwide and one day worldwide will have Love Ambassadors. These ambassadors help represent People Spread Love; organizing Meet & Make events, spreading the word, receiving and fulfilling love requests within their own communities.

Our next Meet & Make event is Thursday, February 4th at 5pm in Intencions – 160A W Broadway, Jackson, WY. We will be handcrafting Valentines for those that need it most, giving us enough time to mail them all out in time for Valentine’s Day.

In a beautiful turn of events, St. John’s Episcopal Church will be organizing a Service Project with the youth on the exact same night to create Valentines as well to help fulfill the love with People Spread Love.

The love and compassion that our humanity can muster is a true inspiration. 2016 has only just begun and the potential for how we can show our love, gratitude and compassion for one another is limitless.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.51.17 AMHeather Hamilton-Brown has lived in Jackson, WY for the past 5 years with her husband, Michael. She is the Founder and Love Ambassador of People Spread Love. Her main objective is to spread love as far and wide as possible.
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