Winter 2016 Teton Spirit is Out!

Winter 2016 Teton Spirit is Out!

OMG!  The Winter 2016 issue of Teton Spirit is here!  What a collaborative labor of love it has been to bring this magazine to fruition and it is by far the best one yet!  With our new TSC Team* in place, Teton Spirit is ready to launch and establish Jackson Hole as a destination for “Healthy Inspired Living.”

Inspiration is the drawing in of breath. It is also the spark that ignites creativity. When we live an inspired life we are in touch with our desires and we have gratitude for our experiences. We live consciously and make choices based on what brings us joy and wellbeing. We seek new opportunities that fill our hearts with wonder and curiosity.

This issue of Teton Spirit is about directing our attention toward our senses and the subtler energies that are always affecting us. Whether it is our bodies’ responses to seasonal changes – temperatures and daylight hours, or honing in on the quiet messages of our intuition or creativity, we can enhance our experiences by the little things around us. More often than not, these little things are indicators leading us toward our hearts’ desires.

We can learn the most, perhaps, from the extreme athletes, Lynsey Dyer, Travis Rice, Kelly Halpin, Rob Kingwill, and Bryan Iguchi,  interviewed in the Leap of Faith article.  Merging with our environment and facing–in fact, embracing–fear is how we can step into the flow of life.

It doesn’t require leaping off a cliff to find trust in the self and take action.

We can get in the flow and overcome obstacles by calming our minds, getting clear and being in the moment.

You can check out the magazine at HERE or find it at over 100 various locations around Jackson Hole.

I hope you are inspired as you browse the pages of this issue. Be sure to check out the Teton Spirit Connection directory of more than 100 holistic healing modalities and practitioners offering their services. It is exciting we have so much available here in the greater Teton area!  

I’d love to hear your comments or your personal stories. Contact me at While you’re there, you can read our blog or sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch with Teton Spirit anytime.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.58.26 PMWith love and gratitude, Samantha Strawbridge Eddy Founder and Editor, Teton Spirit Connection




*Great thanks to Missy Potalivo, Kristen Joy, Christie Watts, Julie Kling, and Sarge Schutt for their belief in and commitment to Teton Spirit Connection.  This issue wouldn’t have happened without you!  xoxo