Welcome to the Seventh Issue of Teton Spirit!

Welcome to the Seventh Issue of Teton Spirit!

Welcome to the Seventh Issue of Teton Spirit!

Seven has always been considered a lucky number—a number associated with vision and inspiration—and this issue is full of articles to spark you into healthy and inspired ways of being.

Teton Spirit was created to celebrate the way the human experience is an integration of body, mind and spirit. We are not only our physical form, but also the thoughts we generate and the breath of our souls’ deepest desires. We are all three components—unified.

You will notice that the articles in this issue of Teton Spirit share the common theme of “embodiment.” Embodiment is about simultaneously experiencing all components of the self within the physical form.

Stripping things down to the basics and getting in touch with and honoring the fundamental nature of your life experience—whether it’s in your daily habits, the food you eat, or your perspective on life—is at the root of embodying all of who you are. 21st century life is inundated with so many distractions, often we forget to attend to the totality—the integrated body, mind and spirit—of our being.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.41.44 PM“The Evolution of Spirit” found on page 34, is my personal story of embodying my passion for raising awareness about the importance of the spiritual side of life. In Jackson Hole, and most of America frankly, there has always been conscious focus on the importance of physical health and strength as well as on education and the value of conscious thought. But independent inspired living (as different from practicing traditional religion) has had less emphasis. I sensed in myself and my friends, as well as by witnessing the immense national growth of depression and addiction over the years, that things were out of balance. For me, the time had come to create a space and a vehicle that would bring attention to the very important and often forgotten component of life: our spirit.

This year marks five years since I opened my store, Spirit: Books, Gifts Life, and three years since the first issue of Teton Spirit Magazine. As I face these anniversary dates, I feel myself wondering what’s next. Looking to the future, I’d like to find others who are also passionate about healthy inspired living and the integration of body, mind and spirit in hopes for collaboration, connection and support moving forward. It’s an amazing journey!

I hope you enjoy this special number seven issue. I’d love to hear your comments and your own personal stories of healthy inspired living. Be sure to remember #healthyinspiredliving and #tetonspirit on your social media posts and don’t forget to check out tetonspirit.com. While you’re there, you can sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch with Teton Spirit anytime.

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Samantha Strawbridge Eddy Founder, Teton Spirit Connection Owner, Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life