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With The Start of the New SolLunar Cycle Comes a Time to Look Inward

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of New SolLunar cycle October 30-November 6 New SolLunar cycle in sidereal Libra “Jenny Lake in October” photo by Lyn Dalebout While in Yellowstone last week, I started a new poem entitled “The Land Before Snow”. It is a praise poem honoring the deep stillness that settles into the […]

The Rainy Day Letter

by Andrew Wyatt Your Rainy Day Letter. Dear Soul, I want to offer you a small gift. It may sound like a canteen, rattling with the metallic clang of empty words. And that is okay. Nothing I say can ever presume to guess how you are feeling at this moment. That would be far too arrogant. Just […]

Benefits of Bone Broth and Where To Get It!

Why drink bone broth?  heals the gut                                                                                                                                               rich in collagen for healthy skin, hair and nails                                                                               high in minerals including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous                                           great for bone health                                                 […]

Winter is on its way, be ready for all the fun by incorporating structural integration!

by Jared Power Deep Powder Turns & Structural Integration Summer eased into fall and winter is upon us, well almost. I share many of my clients anticipation for making effortless turns in deep cold powder as my practice is informed by my passion for snowboarding or as the French aptly say ‘Surf La Neige!!!!’ I […]

Ever Feel Like Giving Up On A Dream???

by Carolyn Caputo It happened again! First the frustrations, then it’s the anger. Then before you know it this overwhelming feeling of sadness encompasses your entire body. You feel paralyzed by doubt and overcome with question. You fall to your knees. “Why can’t I just make this happen?” “Why won’t it work?” “How come the […]