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This week our star weather is a bit more mild, but watch out for Mars and Jupiter.

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of New SolLunar cycle September 30-October 7 New SolLunar cycle in Virgo “Virgo’s New Moon” picture by StarWalk The above picture depicts our latest New Moon in sidereal Virgo, also called a New SolLunar cycle, as both Sun and Moon are born anew every four weeks. Virgo is of Earth, earth tones, […]

Free Falling

by Samantha Eddy Some call it a leap of faith when you take a jump into the unknown. But what is the unknown, really? What do we really not know anymore? Everything seems so premeditated, so measured and analyzed. In fact, when in uncertain situations, we tend to do as much analysis as possible to […]

Needles Everywhere

This post was originally published on Medicine Wheel Wellness’ Blog, to learn more or subscribe, click here.  Acupuncture and Dry Needling Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that currently requires a master’s degree to practice. Acupuncturists are required to pass a national certifying board exam, as well as become certified in clean needle technique and spend over 1,000 […]

The Sun and Jupiter Combine This Week to Create Upbeat Energy. Be Ready For Positivity!

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of Last Quarter Moon September 23-29 Last Quarter Moon “Huckleberry Beauty’ photograph by Lyn Dalebout This week, as we complete the current SolLunar cycle, we are greeted with the upbeat, opportunity-offering Sun/Jupiter conjunction. The actual conjunction takes place on Sunday, September 25, but it is working positively, expansively with […]