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Mercury Has Turned Retrograde and A New SolLunar Cycle has Started in Sidereal Leo!

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of New SolLunar cycle September 1-8 New SolLunar cycle in sidereal Leo “The Opening” painting by Diana Walter My apologies for missing a huge event that happened on August 30: Mercury turned retrograde. My only is excuse is this: the turning of Mercury can mess with our memory, our communications, […]

Mars and Saturn Are Aligning In Scorpio… Stay Tuned For What Happens Next!

by Lyn Dalebout Star Signposts: Week of Last Quarter Moon August 24-31 Last Quarter Moon “Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio” picture by Star Walk I welcome the gifts of this week: A Jupiter/Venus conjunction and the completion of the Mars/Saturn conjunction. In the above picture, you will see Mars and Saturn aligning in stinging Scorpio, about to […]