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Star Signposts: Week of Last Quarter Moon April 29-May 5

Last Quarter Moon “Yucca” photograph by Connie Wieneke Mercury is now in retrograde till mid-May. This period might require breakdowns and that lead to upgrades in all your communication gadgets, vehicles, and in communications within your relationships. Use the cosmic energies of this week to your benefit to wrap up, tidy up all aspects of […]

3 Ways To Get Out Of Panic Mode (VIDEO)

(Video from Mindful.org) This video is a simple reminder that during a period of anxiety it is very important to be particularly mindful and to control your breath. Anxiety and anxiousness can come from all sorts of places you aren’t necessarily aware of. RELATED: INTUITION- A GUIDE TO YOUR INNER WISDOM Take these 3 simple […]

Get Outside, Nature Heals!

  Nature Can Be The Best Medicine. Keep Yourself Healthy So You Can Continue To Play. This post was originally published on Medicine Wheel Wellness’ Blog. To subscribe to their mailing list, for a class schedule, or to find out more about Medicine Wheel Wellness click here. Ancient medical systems from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine have long believed […]

Spirit Poetry: Drunk Yoga

a poem by Cassandra Lee still intoxicated arrive to class with vodka in my chakras sending out stale ethanol contaminating sacred space with every purposeful breath my skin begins to perspire boozy scent seeping from pores corrupting the prana of sunrise flow squatting in chair pose, arms extended above head i recall a similar position […]