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Unconditional Love is Soul Love   Soul love is unconditional…meaning that you see, love and accept the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of the other person. You may not like some of their behaviors, you may not agree with all their ideas, however the love for the other is never subject to […]

Spark Your Creativity

Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way, is a book that I’ve held close to my heart for the past decade. This creative workbook inspires living an artist’s life and is full of great exercises to cultivate your inner artist. Of all the lessons, my favorite is the “Artist Date.” Cameron encourages her readers to spend time […]

How to Spread Love

What better therapy than getting outside of yourself by spreading love to another person by writing to them? The gesture of love is spread through acknowledgement. People Spread Love starts with “notes of love” which could be anything from a card, note, poem, drawing or a simple token — the intention is to spread love. […]