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What is Kundalini?

By Sarah Kline Kundalini is said to be our inherent potential….what is that? That’s our ‘best selves on steroids!’  We come into this Soul Body to bring our greatest gifts and resonate at our highest frequency. In Kundalini practice we do continuous movements called ‘kriyas’ or acts. We bend, twist and undulate to move our […]

Overcoming Obstacles at the Ultimate Towner

“When life presents curve balls and challenges we must, in one way or another, overcome them,” says Teton Spirit Connection member Tim Walther, who created the UltImate Towner four years ago to help people overcome obstacles in life.  What pushes your limits? Mud season came early this year, frustrating many and reminding us of the Ultimate  Towner, […]

Basics of Buddhism

Buddhism bases its teachings on the system set in place by Siddhartha Gautama. He lived in Nepal and northeastern India about 25 centuries ago. After his profound realizations on life, death and existence, people began referring to him as “the Buddha,” which means awakened one. He went on to travel and teach others this path […]

Learn to Love Through Art Therapy

Is art therapy? Amanda Martin thinks so. She is teaching The Art of Loving, a three hour meditation, journalling and painting class on Valentines Day at the Art Association. Teton Spirit Connection asked her four questions. Q: How does art heal?  A: Art is such an amazing tool for healing. Throughout recorded history story telling, chanting, dancing, […]