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What is Tai Chi

You’ve seen it in movies dozens of times, you may have seen it performed by groups in your local park, or perhaps you even know someone who swears by it, but do you really know what Tai Chi is? The purpose of this blog is to explain the ancient practice of Tai Chi, to outline […]

Christmas Victories

I keep saying Happy, Merry last few days of 2014. The holidays are almost over. Big sigh. Have you counted your blessings? Had a good cry? I tried to explain to my kids how much pressure people put on themselves to create Kodak memories during the holy days. I made them buy christmas gifts for […]

Outlook: Moody Mars

Outlook Dec 17 2014 – Jan 20 2015 By Lyn Dalebout Moody Mars Welcome to Outlook~ I am addressing the core astrological trends for the coming month, highlighting four key dates. Dec 21: Today is Winter Solstice in our Northern Hemisphere, occurring at 4:03 pm MST. This marks the beginning of the celestial New Year […]