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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving. There is so much to be grateful for in the mountains. The natural beauty that surrounds us is a constant reminder. Just look outside and you will find 10 reasons to be grateful. The pillowy white rooftops, the jagged peaks, the shadow of a pine tree, the flight of animals leaping through the […]

Massage Fosters Mind, Body Connection through Breath

You hear it all too often…”Don’t forget to breathe.”  Zen masters and casual meditation practitioners will tell you that the breath is the very core of our being – it’s where we ‘go’ to meditate. Therefore it stands to reason that, when receiving a massage, you will be better off if your body and mind are receiving this […]

Outlook: New Moon

By Lyn Dalebout Welcome to Outlook~I will address the core astrological trends for the coming month, highlighting four key dates. Nov 22: The New Moon today is taking place in the early degrees of sidereal Scorpio, a sign that calls forth your depth, your hidden shadows, your ability to die to your former self so […]