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A friend (Wendell Field) of one of my artist friends (Ben Roth), once shared a story about being in India. A group of five travelers changed their trekking plans and ended up with an unscheduled village stop. An Indian man stood at his gate as they approached and invited them in. The man said he’d been waiting for their […]

A Wasp Bath

I watched a wasp clean itself this morning. Lately I’ve become curious about creatures and natural processes that we humans tend to avoid. We turn from, even swat, those entities we’ve learned to fear. Perhaps we’ve missed out on much. We all get stung, no matter our attempts to avoid pain. But we do it—we […]

Outlook: Potent Portals

Outlook: Potent Portals Welcome to Outlook! I will address the core astrological trends for the coming month, highlighting four key dates. I will be posting the third Wednesday of each month. Please join me as we explore how the ever-changing star weather can help us understand what’s happening here on Earth. ~~~~~~~ August 24: Today […]